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Q: So, how does it all work?
     A: Here at Mid-Towne Antique Mall we lease spaces to everyday people who have a             passion for antiques, vintage, thrifting, or just have cool stuff around the house             they want to clear out! Each booth is rented by a different person who brings in             merchandise, so essentially everytime you make a purchase with us you're helping         support someone just like you, pretty cool huh?
Q: When's the best time to come in to see new merchandise?
     A: All day, everyday ! Our dealers are constantly adding new items to their booths so         there's always something new to see! 
Q: How much does it cost to have a booth?
     A: The monthly lease rate for the booths vary depending on where they are located           within the store and what size they are. The pricing ranges from $195 to $335 per         month.
Q: What size booths are available at Mid-Towne and The Gallery?
     A: All of the booths in The Gallery are 10 X 10 while in our older section we have
        6.5 X 11, 8 X 10, and 10 X 10 spaces. 
Q: Making some extra money and having fun sounds great! What do I do next?
     A: Come by and see us! If we have any booths available at the time we will be happy          to show them to you and get you started!

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